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What are the real odds of winning at slot machines?

First and foremost, it is essential to note that different slots and video slot machines are types of brick and mortar or online casino games that has no winning strategy. In other words, slot games are technically EV games, also known as negative-equity games. Unlike other casino games like poker or blackjack, which are against a real opponent and not against the house, proper application of skills is essential. A slot game is purely a game of luck with no skills needed. 

Online slot games have a design such that your odds of winning at slots are entirely random. Every spin a player makes on a slot is a unique event. The programming of a slot also decides the odds of winning on a slot machine. The slot only pays out when it gets to a set limit. Winning at a slot machine also depends on the type of slot machine you’re playing. 

Why can’t I make a consistent return on a slot? 

When you’re playing slot machines, and you’re looking for something that can sustain you in the long run, then you’re playing the wrong game. To further simplify things, imagine a slot with only one payout, which is the jackpot. Now, let’s imagine this slot machine payouts on matching five symbols. 

From this analogy, the lines on the slot are such that RNG (random number generator), and timing, control them, and the five symbols would eventually come up often on each line. So, when you look at this slot machine, the probability of hitting, let’s say cherry, which is a winning symbol on one of the lines is ⅕. The probability you’d still hit a cherry on the second line on that same slot is ⅕. So, if were to apply this calculation to evaluate the chances of winning five cherries on the slot; the calculation would be thus:

⅕ x ⅕ x ⅕ x ⅕ x ⅕ = 1/3125 = 0.032%

However, your probability or odds of winning on any five-reel slot is greater than this figure. Because on most slots, there are more than one paying symbols. So, if you don’t hit the jackpot slot symbols, you can also hit other paying symbols.

Therefore, your odds of winning any set of five reels slot is 5 x 1/3125, which is equal to 0.16%. What this indirectly means is that once every 3125 spins, you should hit a set of five identical symbols to win the jackpot. So, let’s assume a progressive jackpot payout is £3125, the probability the machine would pay out if £1 is played at the slot 3124 times is low. It is after the 3125th spin the machine must pay out £3125 to the player that placed the wager. And of course, it is essential to note that the casino sets the payouts at a somewhat lower figure between a payback percentage of 90% and 98%. So, let’s assume from the analogy given above the payout of the slot is set at 95%, it would mean that what you win by hitting the jackpot is £2968.75 and not £3125.

Relying on slots as a medium of income is not a good strategy nor a wise investment of your money. You should play slots for fun. But, if you wish to increase your chances at this popular casino game, check websites like CasinoRange where you can find interesting articles and tips on how to improve your chances of winning at slot machines.